Individual Assessment

Assessments add significant nuance and depth to your ability to understand how people process information, make decisions, and how they are likely to behave over time.  Not only can this information be valuable in understanding who may be the best addition to your team, but it can also be used as a foundation for leadership development to ensure success over time.

  • For selection:  Assessment results will help you better understand your candidates and how they will fit into your team.  As a part of the individual assessment process we help you think through issues of team culture, culture change, and transition management.
  • For development:  Assessment results can be used as a foundation for self-awareness and insight into how to be more effective at work.  


Team Assessment

Team assessment helps you better understand the individuals who make up your team, the dynamics that drive your team's interaction, and whether your team has the key ingredients for success:

  • Compelling Direction
  • Enabling Structure
  • Supportive Context
  • Expert Coaching


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